Book Description

Building on the success of the Shingo Prize-Winning first and second editions, Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Engagement, Third Edition explains how to use the Lean management system to improve safety, quality, access, and morale while reducing costs. Lean healthcare expert Mark Graban examines the challenges facing today’s health systems, including rising costs, falling reimbursement rates, employee retention, and patient safety.

Learn about the revised, expanded third edition, released in July 2016.

Mark Graban talks about the book, interviewed by Ron Pereira of Gemba Academy:


Detailing the steps needed for a successful transition to a Lean culture, the book provides the understanding of Lean practices—including standardized work, error proofing, root cause problem solving, and daily improvement processes—needed to reduce common hospital errors. The balanced approach outlined in this book will guide you through the process of improving quality of service while reducing costs in your hospital.

*The Lean Certification and Oversight Appeals committee has approved Lean Hospitals as recommended reading for those in pursuit of Lean Bronze Certification from SME, AME, Shingo Prize, and ASQ.

Book Outline:

0) Preface

1) The Need for Lean Hospitals

2) Overview of Lean for Hospitals

3) Value and Waste

4) Observing the Process and Value Streams

5) Standardized Work as a Foundation of Lean

6) Lean Methods: Visual Management, 5S, and Kanban

7) Proactive Root Cause Problem Solving

8) Preventing Errors

9) Improving Flow

10) Lean Design (New!)

  • Designing and renovating or building facilities as a partnership between staff, leaders, architects, and builders

11) Engaging and Leading Employees

12) Getting Starting with Lean

13) A Vision for a Lean Hospital

14) Glossary

Case examples include departments and functions such as laboratory, pharmacy, emergency department, perioperative services, patient discharge, clinics, and more.